The grape variety Moscato is one of the oldest in Italy and the world. The Moscato was especially popular with the Romans and regarded as a noble wine. The SCAVI & RAY MOSCATO is manufactured in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy. Already rediscovered in the US, this forgotten classic of white Muscatel grapes is currently the absolute favorite at the hottest New York parties. SCAVI & RAY is now bringing this trend into the glasses of the Republic! The special feature of the SCAVI & RAY MOSCATO SPUMANTE is not only its glamorous and stylish exterior, but also its refreshingly tingling taste. In the Perfect Serve – ice-cold, served on ice in a wine glass with a lemon zest – the intense muscat aroma and the fine and light sweetness of the wine come to light perfectly.

Bottle volume: 750ml