Godet XO Terre, is a superb example of a Cognac that’s been created from a blend of the best that the six different crus of the region have to offer. Extra Old in quality, this is stand out proof that you don’t need to spend a fortune to own a truly outstanding Cognac. The XO Terre exemplifies how quality Cognac should taste. Naturally dark, thanks to being aged for three decades in oak casks, it takes the taster on a sensory roller coaster ride from start to finish. The name, ‘Terre’, means earth or soil in French. And this blend has been cleverly created to combine the very best of the products of the soil in each of the six Cognac growth regions. The end result is a very good Cognac indeed. We love the fresh flavour that evolves during the tasting journey. It perfect marries liveliness and complexity, with flavors that only come from truly well-aged eau-de-vie making a welcome appearance. This is a Cognac for both the connoisseur and those less experienced, thanks to the different levels of complexity it offers.

Bottle volume: 700ml